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RHAC counselors are available to assist you during this time, please use the contact form or the chat box.

RHAC is here to support homeowners during this crisis!

RHAC counselors are available to help during the COVID-19 crisis. You can live chat with a counselor or fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you right away

Frequently Asked Questions:

The simple answer is yes, if you are able, you should continue to pay your mortgage. The programs that are coming out, waiving or deferring mortgage payments will be based on you being impacted by COVID-19. You will have to provide documentation that your income has been affected by the virus/shutdown and with many lenders you may not qualify for COVID-19 programs if you are already behind.

Waiving payments does not mean you do not owe them. There are 2 ways that lenders are waiving payments – forbearance and deferral.

  • Forbearance – most lenders are offering forbearance plans. During a forbearance your lender will allow you to not make payments, you will not incur late fees and will not be reported as late to the credit bureau. However, those payments will become due once the forbearance period ends. Many lenders will work with you at the end of the forbearance, most likely in the form of a loan modification.
  • Deferral – some lenders are allowing a “payment deferral” option that will allow borrowers facing a hardship to defer two months of their mortgage payments until the end of their mortgage. In simpler terms, they will allow certain borrowers to defer two months of their mortgage payments until their mortgage ends or they sell their house.
    RHAC housing counselors can assist in working with your lender to determine if you qualify for any of the programs.

Lender Programs

Bank of America is offering additional assistance on an individual basis through their Client Assistance Program. Mortgage, home equity lines of credit, and home equity loans may be eligible for payment deferral, special forbearance, or other loan assistance options, based on certain loan criteria. Assistance can be requested online or by phone at 800-669-6650

Chase is offering homeowners to call in to report financial hardship because of COVID-19 90-day forbearance. After the forbearance period is over, homeowners will be offered the option to resume regular payment or apply for a loan modification.
*Homeowners must be current or less than 30 days delinquent to be eligible for forbearance.*
Call the Chase Helpline: 1-888-356-0023 OR go sign-in to and click on ‘Are You Affected by Covid-19? Do You Need Assistance’ and follow the prompts.

Citimortgage is offering hardship programs through its service provider, Cenlar FSB. They can be contacted at 1-855-839-6253, Monday– to Friday, 8:30am– to 8pm ET and Saturday, 8:30am– to 5pm ET.

Fifth Third Bank has a Mortgage and Home Equity Program: Up to 180-day payment forbearance with no late fees. Customers should contact Fifth Third Bank at 866-601-6391.

Short-term relief is available from Mr. Cooper in the form of a forbearance. If you are experiencing a financial crisis due to the pandemic, sign in to your online account or call 888-480-2432.

PNC may have a variety of programs available to assist you. Solutions may include the ability to postpone payments for a period of time. Contact PNC at 1-800-523-8654

If you’re unable to make your payment due to COVID-19 related hardships, Wells Fargo is offering a 3-month payment suspension. To request this assistance, sign on to online banking used the secure Message Center. 

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